USC Annenberg x ACC - Unveiling Gen Z Study

Unveiling Gen Z

What They Want You To Know In Their Own Words

The USC Annenberg x ACC Think Tank is a dynamic research initiative at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, serving as an interdisciplinary hub that brings together industry experts from ACC and USC Annenberg graduate students. Through exploring contemporary challenges and identifying emerging trends, we seek to provide brands with actionable insights to forge stronger connections with Gen Z.

Our inaugural report, ‘Unveiling Gen Z: What They Want You to Know in Their Own Words,’ delves into four key macro-themes that resonate with this vital generation: Gen Z’s embrace of multiple identities beyond traditional markers, their preference for satirical marketing, their expansion of the concept of the "third place," and the significant influence of social currency on their purchasing decisions.

A study with insights into themes that resonate with Gen Z

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