Acceleration Community of Companies

Acceleration Community
Building a diverse and inclusive community.

Each of the agencies inside Acceleration provides clients with a specific expertise, that when integrated, provide a complete, omni-channel solution. We believe in the power of people and strive to build a diverse and inclusive community with collaboration at the core. We’re looking for like-minded companies to join us.

Community Partners

  • MKG is an award-winning, women-owned and operated creative agency specializing in brand action.

  • Stripe Theory is a global data technology company focused on brand and reputation monitoring, consumer insights and brand strategy.

  • Pink Sparrow

    Pink Sparrow is a leading design and fabrication shop specializing in experiential environments.

  • Trailblaze

    Trailblaze is an elite marketing communications agency for a new generation of cannabis brands.

Acquisition Principles

Our uncompromising pursuit of companies to be part of our community is bound by key characteristics

Our uncompromising pursuit of companies to be part of our community are bound by key characteristics and aspects

Passionate about their craft

We believe that passion is at the heart of the most successful businesses. Passion provides purpose. When you love what you do, you’re able to make a bigger impact.

Collaborative Company Culture

Fundamental to building a robust community is the strong desire to be part of something bigger. We strive to create a unique, purposeful and collaborative environment.

Thought-leaders in their industry

We look for companies that demonstrate a high level of expertise and clear vision for the future.

A willingness and desire to scale and grow

Companies in our community are never satisfied with the status quo. They are always evolving, growing and learning.

Diverse and dedicated to creating positive social impact

Diverse in skills, thoughts, ideas and people. We want to be challenged into doing (and being) better.

Collaborating With The Community

We seek to help our community of companies scale and develop broader engagement.